The InnoVoyce™ 300µm Laser Fiber

About the Product

The InnoVoyce 300µm Laser Fiber is a revolutionary delivery system designed to enhance medical procedures by providing greater flexibility and control. FDA-approved and compatible with the Aura™ 532nm KTP laser, the InnoVoyce 300µm fiber provides distinct clinical advantages for vocal health physicians and their patients.


  • Smaller diameter for easier
    insertion and fewer adjustments

  • Blue fiber cladding

  • Elongated proximal connector
    with improved strain relief

  • Compatible with both Pentax and
    Olympus flexible endoscopes


  • Reduces discomfort and minimizes the
    risk of complications

  • Improves visibility in the operating room,
    reducing the risk of accidental bumping,
    fiber breakage, and laser disengagement

  • Provides a comfortable, safe grip while
    enhancing durability and stability

  • Offers versatility for procedures, and
    a cost-effective solution

InnoVoyce is committed to providing cutting-edge medical technology to healthcare professionals.

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DISCLAIMER: The KTP Laser Fibers are FDA cleared for vaporization, cutting, ablation and coagulation of soft tissue.

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