InnoVoyce’s accessories and components are engineered to enhance surgical precision and ensure seamless integration with your VYLO laser system.

Designed to work with the VYLO laser system, InnoVoyce’s accessories enhance surgical precision and offer seamless integration

Key Accessories

Laser Fibers

InnoVoyce offers FDA-cleared laser fibers with diameters of 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, and 0.6 mm, and designed for compatibility with both the advanced VYLO system and the Aura 532 laser, ensuring versatile and precise application across different platforms.

Eye Safety Filter

Automatic Eye Safety Filter can be installed under the oculars of the Zeiss or Leica microscope to protect against 455 nm laser energy.


Straight Fiberoptic Handpieces are a simple, cost-effective solution for clamping and guiding laser fibers during surgery. They are re-usable, fit the InnoVoyce laser fibers, are sterilizable, and come in a variety of sizes.

Safety Goggles

Designed for blue laser applications, these goggles offer enhanced protection in the UV to NIR spectrum with a gold-colored, plastic filter. Features include adjustable temples for fit, soft nose pads for stability, and a 47% daylight transmission for clear vision. CE certified.

Electric Footswitch

Experience enhanced user comfort with our innovative, low-profile switch with protective guard. Designed with an all-plastic construction, raised tread pattern, and anti-slip pad, it’s built to meet stringent medical standards.

Laser Cart

Optimize your surgical space with our compact and sturdy cart, designed to enhance workflow and patient care. Its space-efficient footprint and ergonomic design ensure greater access and convenience in the fast-paced surgical and clinical environments.

Fiber Strippers

Strippers are available for the .3mm, .4mm, and .6mm fibers. All strippers remove coating and cladding, and each comes with a cutter blade set, cleaning tool, and push tool.