Laser Fiber Delivery Systems for Greater Flexibility & Control

InnoVoyce offers FDA-cleared laser fibers with diameters of 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, and 0.6 mm, and designed for compatibility with both the advanced VYLO system and the Aura 532 laser, ensuring versatile and precise application across different platforms.

InnoVoyce Laser Fiber
Part Numbers

InnoVoyce Laser Fiber 300um 5 Pack

1 box

Box Part Number: IO128-ASY-300071-0300

InnoVoyce Laser Fiber 400um 5 Pack

1 box

Box Part Number: IO128-ASY-300071-0400

InnoVoyce Laser Fiber 600um 5 Pack

1 box

Box Part Number: IO128-ASY-300071-0600

Key Features

Variety of Diameters

With .3mm, .4mm, and .6mm sized fibers, our laser fibers offer enhanced flexibility and precise control during procedures.

Blue Fiber Cladding

The stand-out blue fiber cladding looks great & enhances visibility when looking through filtered lenses or goggles, ensuring accuracy & efficiency in every use.

Elongated Proximal Connector

The elongated proximal connector provides for easy connection to the VYLO laser and offers improved strain relief to mitigate potential damage to the fiber.