Advanced Technologies & Therapeutics

At InnoVoyce, we are constantly pioneering sophisticated technologies and therapeutics for comprehensive management across the continuum of care in voice-related pathologies.

Our medical specialists are rigorously formulating novel interventions, currently confined to research, testing, and prototype development stages. These emergent methodologies are pending FDA evaluation and authorization

InnoVoyce Diagnostic

The Voice Health Tracker will be designed to allow for unobtrusive monitoring of voice health, better/earlier detection of voice problems and biofeedback for vocal retraining. The new device is planned to feature:

  • A wireless neck band and sensor that will communicate with a smart phone/watch app.
  • The ability to gather daily information about a patient’s voice use and health.
  • The ability to transmit data to a cloud server where it can be accessed by the treating clinician.

Initially, the system is being developed for clinical use, but our long-term goal is to provide a low-cost consumer version. This version could be especially helpful to professionals who rely on their voices to make a living, such as singers, actors, teachers, lawyers, and salespeople.

InnoVoyce Bioscience

Our bioscience approach is focused on using biomaterials to restore damaged vocal cords. We are developing biomaterials that can be injected directly into the vocal cords and will be primarily used to treat:

  • Unilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis/Paresis: This happens when the laryngeal nerve supply is damaged due to disease or trauma.
  • Vocal Cord Scarring: This happens when disease and/or trauma causes damage, such as scarring, to the delicate upper layers of vocal cord tissue. The scarring can lead to loss of tissue softness and pliability.