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The new 300µm Laser Fiber offers greater flexibility and control for laser-assisted voice health procedures.

Boston, Massachusetts–InnoVoyce, a leading vocal health medical technology company, today announced the expansion of its laser fiber delivery systems with the introduction of the new 300-micron fiber, designed to deliver greater flexibility and control during vocal repair procedures. With this new delivery system, physicians can enhance the precision and control needed to target treatment areas while minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding tissue.

Along with the available 400 and 600-micron fibers, the new InnoVoyce 300µm fiber is FDA-approved and compatible with the Aura™ 532nm KTP laser. With its smaller diameter, blue fiber cladding, elongated proximal connector, and improved strain relief, the 300µm fiber provides greater flexibility, control, and visibility while reducing the risk of complications.

“At InnoVoyce, we’re committed to providing cutting-edge medical technology that improves patient outcomes and enhances the efficiency of medical procedures,” said Michael Davin, Interim CEO at InnoVoyce. “We’re excited to introduce the InnoVoyce 300-micron laser fiber, which offers unique features and benefits that will help medical professionals provide even better patient care.”

Compatible with both Pentax and Olympus flexible endoscopes, the new InnoVoyce 300µm fiber can offer easier insertion to treatment areas, and procedures can be performed with fewer attempts or adjustments–saving time, reducing patient discomfort, and minimizing the risk of complications.

Currently available from InnoVoyce, the new 300µm fiber is the first of several innovations to come from InnoVoyce in the vocal health space. To learn more about the InnoVoyce 300µm fiber, please visit:

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InnoVoyce is a leading medical technology company dedicated to advancing vocal health by developing and delivering cutting-edge laser technology. Through relationships with industry experts and leaders in the scientific and medical fields, we are at the forefront of vocal health technology. We are committed to expanding our reach to new customers and markets to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals who rely on our technology for their vocal health and other laser-assisted procedures.

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